Like previous years, the Living Future Symposium 2019 will begin by getting to know each other. And not at your usual corporate networking event - our Before-After-Party on the evening of the 10th immerses you in the local culture, with food, drinks, music and entertainment, that will get you in the mood for meeting other participants before you head into a full day of learning and sharing together. Last year there was even a dinosaur, how will we top that?
The day of the Symposium itself begins early on the 11th with a guided walk to ground you in the history and stories of the place that we are meeting on, and to set the scene for being open minded and engaged in the untold stories of our speakers.
After the Welcome to Country and Keynote sessions, you have the option to choose from one of three streams for a morning talk or panel session. Then we feast at a hearty communal lunch before gathering for a group activity and heading back into the streams for active workshops in the afternoon.
The day will come to a close with the unSymposium presentations and a wrap up of the key messages and stories we've discovered, followed by another round of food and drinks, where you can delve into deeper discussions and cement those new-found friendships.
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