Photographers of any skill level are encouraged to enter photos under the themes of biophilia & water. There are a number of exciting prizes, including an experience voucher worth up to AUD$500 and the opportunity to have your images showcased by the Living Future Institute of Australia at the awards evening.
The competition opens on Thursday 28 November 2019 and closes on Thursday 23 January 2020. Please refer to the brief for full details.
The photos might be a landscape of something “wildly natural”, a detailed view somewhere in the built environment, or something else entirely. To provide some inspiration, entrants are asked to enter each photo submitted under one of the six categories below.

"Aquacell are pleased to sponsor the Biophilia Photography awards. Water is the most precious resource and is essential to life as we know it. Careful stewardship of water is central to a world where we can all prosper. Please join us by sharing your photos of water in all its forms:  In nature and our built environment; in abundance and shortage; in high and low quality; in your place. Together we can promote the conversation surrounding its management, preservation, restore our built and natural environments. As population grows, the finite nature of water has become more apparent. By using water more than once and with the right care, we can ensure a healthy water cycle into the future."
Thank you to Itchy Feet Digital for capturing the essence of this year's theme in our promotional video!



To be announced!


  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png.
    A new form should be completed for each category entered. Photos must be maximum 2500px on the longest side and no more than 10MB in size. Min 2MB recommended.
  • Select one category that your image best represents.
  • Please include a brief description of where the image was taken, including the suburb, state or postcode.
  • Please include a brief description of how the image was taken e.g. on my phone
  • Please include a brief description of why you chose to take this photo and what the biophilic elements mean to you. This description will accompany the image if exhibited. (max 250 words)

The Biophilia Photography Awards are part of our Biophilic Design Initiative, proudly supported by Junglefy.


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