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Technical Advisory Services

International Living Future Institute (ILFI) programs push projects beyond sustainability to create a thriving built environment based on regenerative design. Our advisory services aim to support projects that encounter the challenges that come with great aspirations. We know a thing or two about putting ILFI programs into practice and want to help bridge the gap between a bright idea and a tangible plan.

Fee-based Advisory services


Charrettes are kick-off meetings to help your team define fundamental and strategic Zero Carbon, Petal or Living Building Challenge certification goals. We design the agenda, facilitate a half-day session, and provide a follow-up report.

Design development workshop

Full day deep-dive of your project and the Petal, Zero Carbon or Zero Energy Handbooks. Following a review of the project documents, we will issue a written report to guide your team towards achieving certification. Guidance can be tailored to focus on your needs, for example, Imperatives within a single Petal, select Petals, or all seven Petals of the Living Building Challenge.

Biophilic Design Workshop

Full day immersive workshop that familiarises your team with the theory and practice of creating a Biophilic Design Framework. This will assist projects in achieving Imperative 19 (Beauty + Biophilia) of the Living Building Challenge.

High-level Feasibility Study

Desk-based consultation with some face-to-face meetings to assess the application of a Zero Carbon or the Living Building Challenge to a prospective or existing development. The study includes an extensive report.

Custom Advisory Packages

Need tailored support? Our advisory services can be packaged to suit your team’s specific needs. Example custom packages include:

Project Kick-Off Package

  • Charette (workshop)
  • Design Development (workshop)
  • High-level Feasibility Study
  • Tender/development document input
  • Biophilic Design (workshop)

Project Kick-Off + Year One Support

  • Charette (workshop)
  • Design Development (workshop)
  • High-level Feasibility study
  • Tender/development document input
  • Biophilic Design (workshop)
  • Project Management mentoring for 12 months

Custom Professional Development

Empower your team with the tools and knowledge they need to make your project a success.

In-House Professional Development

In-house half or full-day workshops to bring your team together, grow their regenerative design capabilities and upskill your team on any of the ILFI programs.

The most common workshop is a full-day introduction to Living Building Challenge. During these workshops, we’ll discuss contextual information such as development patterns and density, common barriers (eg. financial, regulatory or technical) and incentives to overcome them. We also offer customized technical assistance for teams working on projects currently in the design phase.

Custom workshops

Need something more specific? We can tailor services and run a custom workshop to work through the specific needs of your team or project stage.

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