Connecting people and nature within our built environments and communities

April McCabe

Associate Director, Cred Consulting

As an urban planner and policy specialist, April is an advocate for people-focused cities through the development of planning and design policies that positively influence how we experience, connect and function within cities and places.

Graham Chalcroft

Founder, Vertebrae

With over 30 years’ experience, Graham is a leader in site-specific public art, placemaking and cultural planning, with a passion for defining and connecting diverse contexts through research and a community driven consultative process.

Michael Bradburn

Design Manager at Richard Crookes Constructions

Michael has a diverse range of experience, including expertise in education and cultural building typologies. His work is grounded in a commitment to sustainable building practices and design excellence, demonstrated in projects such as the Adelaide Studios, the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre and the Hyatt Regency, Sydney.

Sacha Coles

Director, ASPECT Studios

Sacha delivers innovative design within a social framework, reinforcing the role that cities can play in creating economic and social opportunity. His work promotes uplifting quality of life, encouraging social equity, and elevating the spirit through design.

Samantha Hayes

Managing Consultant, Bioneering Australia

Samantha has extensive experience in delivering strategic organisational and project-level sustainability outcomes across multiple industries, and is currently undertaking a PhD in Biomimetic Engineering.

Scott West

Senior Design Manager at Hansen Yuncken

An architect by profession with over 30 years of experience in the design, development and construction industry with a real passion for sustainability and the concept of how biophillic design can lead to health and well-being benefits in built form environments for us all.

Stephen Choi

Living Building Challenge Manager, Frasers Property Australia

Stephen’s work has included the development of global environmental assessment methods, designing and managing building projects, and embedding sustainable development into educational curriculum. He is Australia’s leading Living Building Challenge expert and LFIA's previous Executive Director, Projects.

Suzie Barnett - Chair

General Manager, Junglefy

A strategic thinker, marketer and industry connector, Suzie supported the establishment of the Green Building Council of Australia and the World Green Building Council. Currently the General Manager at Junglefy, and a member of the LFIA Board, Suzie is helping to drive the uptake of living infrastructure within the built environment.

Waminda Parker

Program Manager, Macquarie University & The Connective

As a program manager and strategist with Macquarie University and The Connective, Waminda is exploring perceptions and perspectives of connection (people, place and nature) across social and ecological networks as a means to strengthen community sustainability, resilience and wellbeing.



We will never be truly healthy, satisfied, or fulfilled if we live apart and alienated from the environment from which we evolved.

Stephen R. Kellert