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The nominees for Director of the Board are as follows:
Anthony Marklund
Jason Twill
Lucy Shannon (Carse)
Chris Arms
David Rowlinson

Applicant: Anthony Marklund

Profession, trade, current business activities:
ESD Principal with the following professional qualifications:
• Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours)
• Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ)
• Registered Building Practitioner (Victoria)
• Chartered Engineer (EC UK)
• Green Star Accredited Professional
• WELL Accredited Professional
• NABERS Accredited Assessor
• CBD Assessor
• EnviroDevelopment Professional

Key skill sets:
• Business development, client and stakeholder relations, team management
• Sustainability leadership, advisory, research, cost & risk management
• Precinct masterplans, commercial, mixed-use healthcare, education, laboratories, transport built environment sectors
• Passive and integrated design approaches, technologies and innovations
• Environmental ratings, renewables, carbon zero/ neutral, water conserving design
• Mechanical engineering and advanced computer modelling

Brisbane-based, projects in most Australian state capitals and Indonesia.

Previous Board Experience: –

Previous Fundraising Experience: –

Prominence in Respective Field:
Recognised leader with ongoing involvement in development of Green Star tools since 2005, ongoing involvement in Property Council of Australia committees since 2007.

Currently a member of LFIA: No

Currently a Director / member of other organisations:
• Member Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (MCIBSE)
• Associate of Society of Façade Engineers (ASFE)
• Member of PCA QLD Committee for Cities
• Member of CIBSE Sustainability Review Steering Committee
• Member of Green Building Council Technical Advisory Group
• Member of Green Building Council State Industry Group (QLD)

Why I wish to be considered as a Director of LFIA:
I believe I can add value to LFIA by way of my position as a key influencer with connections to property sectors that are generally unaware of LFIA activities nor LBC certification.
Primarily I can assist by way of advocating and disseminating LFIA information and updates to key industry stakeholders and by providing LFIA with relevant industry information and feedback from Floth’s significant contact pool, which includes many public and private institutional organisations. I also have a strong relationship with the Property Council of Australia, having been involved in its diverse committees in Victoria and Queensland for around 10 years. In addition to many private sector key stakeholders, these committees include senior representatives of Brisbane City Council and QLD Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.
I can also form an additional link with the Green Building Council through my involvement there.
For an example of my advocacy for living buildings, please refer to my contribution to AIRAH Ecolobrium Journal at 17-Eco-005.pdf (Trend 8 Living Buildings, PDF page 7).
Thank you for your consideration.

Anthony is an experienced Sustainability Consultant and Mechanical Engineer, and leads Floth Sustainable Building Consultants’ ESD division across all offices. He is a passionate proponent of green buildings with in-depth expertise gained through considerable ESD and mechanical engineering experience on a broad variety of projects in Australia and England. Anthony is currently a Foundation Member of the Property Council of Australia QLD Committee for Cities and is an accomplished project leader and lead ESD consultant on green precinct masterplans, commercial, mixed-use, healthcare, education, laboratory, justice and transport hub projects. Anthony is an active participant in the international ESD community. He is deeply involved in Australia with the Green Building Council’s Technical Advisory Group developing Green Star rating tools and State Industry Group connecting the GBCA to the QLD property industry, and internationally with the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers Sustainability Steering Committee.

Nomination by Loreta Brazukas

I nominate Anthony Marklund to the LFIA Board.
I have known Anthony professionally for a number of years and concur with his candidate statement and bio.

Nomination by Andrew Ling

I have known Anthony professionally for a number of years and concur with his candidate statement and bio.
He will be an energetic and dedicated advocate for the LFIA and positive, regenerative and restorative development generally. He has been instrumental in helping Floth achieve a leadership position, demonstrating to clients what is possible with the recent fitout of their Brisbane office. In an industry that is arguably slightly jaded with sustainability, it is refreshing to see consultants with the passion and commitment to demonstrate what’s possible.
I have no hesitation in nominating Anthony Marklund to the LFIA Board

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Applicant: Jason Twill

[Profile updated 12:45pm, 13/10/2017]
Profession, trade, current business activities:City Maker / Regenerative Development Practitioner / Educator / Advocate
I am the Founder and Director of Urban Apostles, a creative city making & consulting services business specialising in alternative workplace and affordable housing models for cities. Current business focus is sourcing Nightingale Housing projects for NSW and consulting on regenerative development and innovation district projects in Australia. Additionally, I teach and lead research in regenerative design, collaborative urbanism, green building economics and housing affordability at the University of Technology Sydney. Lastly, I serve as an industry advocate and policy advisor to state and local government for more liveable, equitable and inclusive cities.

Key skill sets:I am a 20-year veteran of large scale urban development projects and specialise in managing regenerative design and development projects. Key expertise spans across integrated design, innovation districts, place making, Living Buildings, One Planet Living, Green Star, LEED, decentralised energy & water systems, regenerative economics and affordable housing. I also have expertise and experience in alternative housing models such as cooperatives, land trusts and cohousing and am lead for Nightingale Housing in New South Wales and ACT.

Location: Development work is focused in NSW and predominantly Sydney, Newcastle and Parramatta. Consulting work is national and international.

Previous Board Experience:
• Co-founder and Board Director, Congress for New Urbanism New York, 2004-2007
• Co-founder and Board Director. Congress for New Urbanism Cascadia, 2007-2011
• Board Director, Cascadia Green Building Council, 2008-2011
• Board Director, Phinney Neighbourhood Association, Seattle, 2008-2010
• Board Director, Bioregional North America / One Planet Communities, 2010-2013
• Co-founder, Founding Chair and Director, Green Sports Alliance, 2010-Present
• Co-founder and Past Chair, International Living Future Institute, 2011-2014

Previous Fundraising Experience:
• Congress for New Urbanism – helped development fundraising strategy and source first $20,000 for both New York and Cascadia Chapters
• Cascadia Green Building Council / International Living Future Institute- Supported corporate sponsorship campaigns for Living Future, special project funding and grant applications totalling close to $3,000,000 over my six years on the board. This included securing $100,000 grant from MacArthur Foundation for the Economics of Change project, introduction and relationship management with JPB Foundation which led to $2.5M grant for the Living Product Challenge, helping source and manage new corporate sponsors such as Vulcan Inc, Assa Abloy, McKinstry, and Mohawk.
• Green Sports Alliance- Successfully applied for seed funding grant of $50,000 from the Bullitt Foundation and sourced $60,000 of funding from founding professional sports team members to launch the organisation. Since inception I have directly supported or secured over $2,000,000 in sponsorship funding and grants and helped grow the organisation from six original members in 2010 to over 500 in 14 countries supported by a staff of nine and an annual operating budget of $2.5M.

Prominence in Respective Field:
• Next City Global Urban Vanguard, 2015 & 2017
• Innovation Fellow Appointment, University Technology Sydney, 2016
• LEED Fellow, United States Green Building Council, 2014
• Juror Appointment, European Solar Decathlon, 2012
• White House Environmental Leadership Honouree (Green Sports Alliance), 2012
• Northwest Pivotal Leader Award, 2012
• Mayoral Appointment, Seattle Green Ribbon Commission, 2012
• Fellow Appointment, University of Washington, 2012
• Better Brick’s Environmental Leadership Award, 2011
• Special Advisor, President Obama’s Better Buildings Challenge 2010-2011
• Special Advisor, Clinton Climate Initiative, 2009-2011
• Cushman and Wakefield Scholarship Recipient, 2003

Currently a member of LFIA: Yes

Currently a Director / member of other organisations: Yes, currently serving as a Director on the board of the Green Sports Alliance

Why I wish to be considered as a Director of LFIA:
I wish to be considered for a Director role because I firmly believe my purpose is to support a world that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative and the Institute has been a “family” for me since its inception (I recall the day we drafted this slogan). Our industry must move beyond sustainability toward regenerative development paradigms and that will only happen when Living Buildings and Communities become the mainstream. I wish leverage my career/board/fundraising experience and international network to support LFIA in growing its staff, membership base and influence within the property sector to become the preeminent think-do tank in Australia for the built environment.

With a career spanning over 18 years in sustainable property development, Jason has been at the forefront of built environment transformation. His development experience includes delivery of green mixed-income housing projects throughout New York City, execution of Vulcan Inc.’s South Lake Union Innovation District in Seattle, Washington and serving as Head of Sustainability and Innovation for Lendlease Property, Australia. Jason is founder and Director of Urban Apostles, a start-up real estate development and consulting services business specialising in alternative workplace & housing models for cities. Its work focuses on the intersection of the sharing economy and art of city making. In 2016, Jason was appointed as an Innovation Fellow within the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building at the University of Technology Sydney and leads research into regenerative urbanism, housing affordability, and green building economics. He is a co-founder of both the International Living Future Institute and Green Sports Alliance and originator of the Economics of Change project. Jason was designated a LEED Fellow by the United States Green Building Council in 2014, was named a 2015 and 2017 Next City Global Urban Vanguard and is an appointed Champion and advisor to Nightingale Housing in Australia.

Nomination by Jason F. McLennan

I nominate Jason Twill due to his longstanding leadership in Green Building. At both Vulcan Real Estate and Lend Lease he pushed sustainability as a personal agenda and helped usher in significant sustainability progress. Jason is a former board member and was Chair of the International Living Future Institute when he was in Seattle. Jason was also one of the founders of the Green Sports Alliance which has done considerable work in the US to bring sustainability to the masses. His current development work focuses on deep green solutions as he continues to push for change.

Nomination by Justin Zeulner

Mr. Jason Twill will be an exceedingly valuable addition to the LFIA Board of Directors. It has been my distinct pleasure working closely with Jason during the past decade, not just as co-founders of the Green Sports Alliance, but as colleagues in the sports greening movement, developing ecologically intelligent systems. Beyond championing a global movement, Jason is a thought-leader in regenerative design and inspires others to challenge themselves to achieve higher aspirations, leveraging his experience and connections with new industries and regions. As a key influencer, Jason has been instrumental in raising funds, attracting financial sponsors and playing a pivotal role in our ability to reach critical mass, increasing our capacity and scaling our impacts. Under Jason’s leadership, our organization has grown from 6 original members to nearly 500, a $million+ operating budget, raise awareness to millions of people that interconnect with sports and developed programs that appreciably mitigate climate change. That said, the role Jason plays for our organization goes well beyond fiscal and strategic planning. As our founding Board Chair and current Executive Committee member, Mr. Twill imparts a global vision, ensuring we do not squander opportunities to create a healthier planet where we live and play.

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Applicant: Lucy Shannon (Carse)

Profession, trade, current business activities: Innovation & Research Manager, Toga
Registered Architect (ARB 9163)

Key skill sets:
Strong creativity and dexterity;
Energetic and indefatigably positive;
Pro-active and persuasive;
Human-centred approach to problem solving;
Curious, unorthodox thinker;
Team-focused and collaborative.

Location: Sydney

Previous Board Experience: None

Previous Fundraising Experience: Personal fundraising efforts: CitytoSurf and Cancer Council (City Mile Dash) fun runs.
Business fundraising: Pitched the Lendlease Innovation Lab to CEO of Property business and Global Manager of People & Culture / Innovation and was endorsed for funding to deliver.

Prominence in Respective Field:Innovation is my core passion and has become my career. I was recognised at Lendlease as a key innovator and pitched, designed and delivered the Lendlease innovation lab in 2016. This is an integral space for creative, lateral thinking;
Following a secondment as Innovation Manager of the Property business at Lendlease, I discovered how much I love to inspire and empower people to create positive change. However, I craved a permanent role in Innovation (which wasn’t available at the time) and sometime later approached for a role with Toga as their Innovation & Research Manager. I jumped at the opportunity to be able to create and direct their 5-year Innovation Strategy and the enormous but exciting challenge of implementing something that could truly transform an entire company and its culture. I am 6-months in to this journey.

Currently a member of LFIA: No

Currently a Director / member of other organisations: No

Why I wish to be considered as a Director of LFIA:
My number one strength is my energy and dynamism, that inspires others to jump on board, take risks and create, prototype and test customer-focused, practical solutions. My goal is to encourage everybody to be passionate about positive change and be at the cutting edge of trends and disruptions so we can build truly sustainable, technology-driven, smarter, more affordable urban environments.

Whilst I may not have exceptional experience in raising funds or attracting sponsors I am an activist at heart and highly persistent when I focus on something; I feel that I can bring a positive message to Toga about Living Future Institute and with time, convince them to participate.

I am an enthusiastic and highly motivated individual with a passion for innovation and urban environments. I’m thrilled to work for Toga, a family-focused company that has exceptionally talented people and has a powerful trajectory for real change. I am also a registered Architect with 7 years’ experience at Lendlease across DesignMake (timber buildings), Innovation, Apartments and Design businesses. Prior to this, I worked for 2 years in an architectural practice in Canberra, project managing concrete solar-passive houses including design, development and delivery.

My experience at Lendlease has given me exposure to large scale projects and a good understanding of residential mixed development including feasibility designs, design management, product design, management of stakeholders, in addition to overcoming perceived insurmountable challenges to execute and deliver to a vision.

I am currently studying an MBA part-time to develop my strategic, operational and business acumen.

Finally, I have just finished problem-solving construction on a much smaller scale, in a different role; as the Architect and Owner-Builder of a new terrace in Waverley. This personal project has become a catalyst for my creativity and provided a useful outlet for testing design ideas and cost-effective strategies for maximising light and space.

Nomination by Suzie Barnett

The LFIA Board needs fresh thinking and perspectives and people who represent the future of sustainability in our built environment. I believe Lucy represents that future. She has worked for both Lendlease and more recently Toga Group and is someone who can offer us ideas and viewpoints that currently do not exist around the table.

I also feel it’s important to have a mix of both experienced and inexperienced Board members. This also brings different perspectives and thinking, which is so important to any Board, but especially to the LFIA which prides itself on doing things differently.

Nomination by Tom Grosskopf

Lucy comes with a strong reputation as a person able to walk the talk of change and make a difference through their actions. With a background in innovation and architecture and a strong personal commitment to the teams she joins Lucy adds to the skills of the leadership group and a strong cultural fit with the vision and mission of the LFIA

Lucy’s energy and drive are a defining quality and exactly what the LFIA require to drive forward its ambitious program of disruption across the built environment sector and society more generally.

Lucy will bring to the LFIA Board diversity in outlook, experience and demographic and this can only strengthen the organisation and make it more resilient to the challenges associated with one of Australia’s most exciting and potentially influential social enterprises.

I am happy to support Lucy’s application to join the Board of the LFIA

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Applicant: Chris Arms

Profession, trade, current business activities:
Managing Director of CJ Arms & Associates

Key skill sets:
Innovation Development : Civil and Hydraulic Engineering : Water Treatment : Construction : Design Management : Procurement : Water & Wastewater Design : Stormwater Management : Landscape Design : Critical Thinking : Strategic Planning


Previous Board Experience: –

Previous Fundraising Experience: –

Prominence in Respective Field:
An unparalleled reputation in the field of water and wastewater engineering in Australia.

Currently a member of LFIA:

Currently a Director / member of other organisations:
Member of the Australian Water Association
Member of the Green Building Council

Why I wish to be considered as a Director of LFIA:
I am an engineer in the water industry and have run my own consulting business in construction and development for over 30 years – we have a team of disruptive thinkers, civil and hydraulic engineers, scientists, architects and landscape architects – we understand water and how it is used within the built environment.
We work for most of the largest developers and constructors in Australia and have relationships within those areas at the highest level.
I am always inquisitive and asking myself why do we do what we do, how can we do it better, how can we use less energy and how can we do it passively and wherever possible utilise a cradle to cradle approach to design.
I am not good at following rules and regulations – however I always strive to do what I feel is the right thing to do.

Having operated in the water and construction industry for more than 30 years and provided hydraulic engineering services for major developments across Australia and into Asia, my field of expertise embraces concept and detail design of hydraulic services including WSUD, stormwater and roof drainage, gas supply, trade waste and wastewater treatment. My team and I provide alternative passive ZERO energy solutions to challenging water and waste water together with sludge waste treatment. We “think” differently and approach all our projects from a different angle – to us its not what you look at – its about what you “see”.

Nomination by Damon Cuming

Chris is a fantastic ambassador for sustainable development and has a strong track record of challenging and pushing his clients to develop their sites in a more sustainable manner. In particular, Chris’ passion and technical expertise in net positive water and related design philosophies, systems and technologies would make him a fantastic asset for the LFIA board to help drive the charge towards a restorative built environment.

Nomination by Hannah Morton

Chris is a leader in his field, driving integrated holistic solutions with common sense and commitment. He is wellconnected and well-regarded by industry and having worked with Chris on a number of projects applying LBC principles, I believe he is ideally placed to sit on the LFIA Board of Directors.

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Applicant: David Rowlinson BA Arch (Hons) MBA MMktg

Profession, trade, current business activities:
~ Over 15 years in B2B Marketing Management
~ CEO of Australian-based building products manufacturer
~ Not-for-profit campaign management focussing on the environmental and health benefits of sustainably sourced, certified timber

Key skill sets:
~ Marketing and communication
~ Public speaking
~ Passionate and independent advocacy
~ Promotion of the benefits of ‘nature connected design’ (aka biophilic design)
~ Financial analysis and reporting

Location: Sydney, NSW

Previous Board Experience:
~ Board Member and Director of Carpet Institute of Australia Limited, CIAL (July 2011 – December 2013) ~ Vice-Chair of GBCA Marketing Committee (January 2007 – December 2008)

Previous Fundraising Experience
~ Responsible for driving the growth in memberships and donations to SPELD NSW (current)
~ Part of GBCA Marketing Committee responsible for membership acquisition and retention (from 2007) ~ Part of GBCA Marketing Committee responsible for promoting attendance at Green Cities (from 2007)
Prominence in Respective Field
~ Member of the Institute of Foresters Australia (IFA)
~ Member of Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA)
~ Member of the GBCA advisory committee which developed the Green Star credit for structural timber ~ Presented at numerous major industry conferences, including Green Cities, Frame Australia, Sydney Home Show, IFA and many others
~ Judge on the NSW OEH Green Globe Awards 2017

Currently a member of LFIA:
~ Yes

Currently a Director / member of other organisations:
~ Treasurer and Director of SPELD NSW (since 2015) [SPELD NSW provides advice and services to children and adults with specific learning difficulties and those who teach, work with and care for them.]

Why I wish to be considered as a Director of LFIA: I have been extremely impressed by the great work and advocacy provided by LFIA. In particular, the focus on ‘creating genuine change’ via the four key international programs is, I believe, a very important initiative.
I am confident that my long-term experience in the building industry, in both the commercial and not-forprofit sectors, will provide an excellent basis to help in the growth and success of LFIA. I believe that the skills, experience and gravitas that I would bring to the organisation will help to overcome some of the main challenges that have been identified, such as raising funds and attracting financial sponsors, influencing key stakeholders, financial management and reporting and to provide a conduit to new industries and regions. I am also intimately involved in creating a higher level of awareness of the importance of ‘nature connected design’ (biophilic design) and think that there is a high level of synergy between this focus and the goals of the LFIA.

Bio: I hold a Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) from Sheffield University (UK), a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from MGSM and a Master of Marketing (MMktg) from UNSW.
I manage the Make It Wood campaign for Planet Ark Environmental Foundation. The campaign aims to encourage the increased use of responsibly sourced wood as a building material. A key part of this initiative is the promotion of Wood Encouragement Policies (WEPs) throughout Australia. As a result Tasmania has become the first state government in Australia to adopt a statewide WEP. In addition, two local government authorities and thirteen local councils have also adopted a WEP.
Prior to joining Planet Ark I was Marketing Manager then CEO of a major Australian-based carpet tile manufacturer (Ontera Modular Carpets P/L). I spearheaded the organisation’s participation of the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage ‘Sustainability Advantage’ program (Silver member) and drove the development of industry-leading reuse and recycling programs. I was also Vice-Chair of the GBCA Marketing Committee.

Nomination by Suzie Barnett

David has been a long-term advocate of sustainability in the built environment. He is passionate and genuine champion of change. I worked with David during my time at the GBCA where he demonstrated commitment and proactive contribution to the marketing committee. He is a worthy candidate for our Board.

Nomination by Paolo Bevilacqua

Extensive experience in the commercial and NFP sectors, passionate about the creating a Living Future, good skills and experience to help bring in new sponsors.  

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