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Join the Living Future Community!


Becoming an LFIA member will help you create valuable network connections, broaden your industry knowledge, and take meaningful action towards a living future.

Membership Benefits


Discounts on all LFIA training and events, including Forums and Symposiums.


Opportunities to connect with
like-minded professionals in the
built environment.


LFIA members actively supporting a future that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative.

As an LFIA Member, you’ll also be part of the global regenerative design movement with a complimentary International Living Future Institute (ILFI) Professional Membership. This includes exclusive access to ILFI’s industry-leading technical resources and 10% off ILFI Online Education and the Ecotone Bookstore.

Membership Levels

Student Membership

Full-time students under 30 are eligible for Student Membership. This includes all the perks of LFIA membership and ILFI Professional Membership (without access to register projects) for $50 a year.

Regular Membership

Regular memberships include all the perks of LFIA membership and ILFI Professional Membership including access to register projects. for $145 a year.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is available for those that wish to register as an organisation. Regular member benefits apply, along with a discount and acknowledgement on our website.

Membership FAQ

Why should I become an LFIA member?

LFIA membership supports your professional development and announces your commitment to creating a Living Future. Together, our members are advancing critical knowledge, strengthening the local green building community and supporting the transformation to a Living Future.

What is the difference between LFIA and ILFI membership?

The Living Future Institute of Australia (LFIA) is an affiliate of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). If you reside in Australia, you should sign up with LFIA to get the most relevant benefits from your membership.

Regular LFIA membership includes ILFI Professional Membership which allows you to register a project or label with our programs, along with providing added benefits if you want to attend any ILFI events.

Student LFIA Membership includes ILFI Professional Membership. You get the same Australian member benefits but won’t be able to register a project or label.

I would like to register a project (eg LBC, LCC) or a label (eg Declare, JUST). What's my best option?

You will need to sign up for Regular Membership or Corporate Membership, and then set up your Professional ILFI Membership.

For a Declare label, it’s best to use the contact details for the individual who will manage the label application, or use a general ‘admin’ email so that more than one team member can access the application if needed.

How long does my membership last?

LFIA membership lasts for one year from the date of purchase. You will be prompted to renew when your membership is about to expire.

I have another question...

Send an email to australia[at] and our team can assist!