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2020 Annual Report

By December 16, 2020May 21st, 2021News


It is with much humility that I take on the responsibility of Chair of the LFIA. There is much uncertainty to navigate, we are in unprecedented times.

The economy is at a tipping point with choices being made in Board rooms across the country that will either drive us toward a new economy or entrench a paradigm leaving future generations with the challenges we were unable to face. Society appears to be fracturing along cultural and wealth fault lines.

While Australia’s vibrant multicultural society has insulated us from the turmoil seen across the globe, there is much to do to capitalise on our advantage. From our first peoples to the latest arrivals, an acknowledgement of the past and the forging of a future based on equality of opportunity must be the driving forces for a culturally rich and socially just society.

The feedback from our environment is clear, business as usual is a pathway to increasing risk to every species, humans included. Our challenge is to move beyond sustainability, to heal and restore our environment and the ecological processes upon which our prosperity is founded.

There has never been a time where our mission is more relevant or important and the LFIA is ready to act.

We are poised to capitalise on significant investments from our Board, Executive, sponsors, partners and volunteers.Our retiring Chair, Paolo Bevilacqua, someone with extensive experience and impeccable credentials in the industry, has driven expansion of the reach and influence of the LFIA. I congratulate him on his achievements and legacy.

The Board has also shown the depth of their commitment through their leadership and governance in a year that has challenged every business. I am pleased to report that we have adapted and delivered results despite the many restrictions on our operations.

My focus for the year ahead is to consolidate the position of the Living Building Challenge, and the associated programs, as the most progressive and challenging standard for the built environment and to drive growth in the community that are inspired to live these values. Our programs will support this community to gain access to the knowledge, tools and materials to meet the Living Building Challenge and our ever-closer partnership with the ILFI will see exceptional service to all our customers.

Now is our time to act. I passionately believe our community and industry is ready for the next step in the challenge to create a living future and I invite you to make your contribution with us at whatever scale you are able.