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Annual Report 2018

By November 30, 2018April 23rd, 2019Uncategorized


First things first, it is such an honour to be able to write a few words as Chair of this organisation which does such amazing work and has so many amazing supporters. 

It has been another game changing year for the Living Future Institute of Australia (LFIA). This year we have broadened the awareness of the LFIA and the various programs. Through promoting, challenging, partnering, sharing, cultivating, nurturing, advising, and delivering, the conversation has shifted from “who is the LFIA?” to “how and when can I get involved?” which is something we are extremely proud of and testament to all the hard work from our staff, our Board, volunteers, sponsors, & supporters. 

At the beginning of 2018, the LFIA Board set some ambitious targets for the organisation focused around growing the reach and influence of the organisation and establishing a more stable financial setting. 

I am pleased to report that we have made significant progress on both fronts and you can read about many of these in this annual report. 

We have continued to deliver extraordinary knowledge-sharing events. My personal favourite this year was the Symposium, held at the stunning Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne. Our key note speakers could not have embodied more what we are all about – courage, generosity, honesty, ambition, equity, persistence. 

Another exciting milestone was the launch of the Biophilic Design Initiative in Australia. There has been a lot of talk about biophilic design but little in terms of authentic application. We see a real opportunity to work with some of Australia’s experts to inform and inspire in this space. 

The LFIA staff have been extraordinary again this year. Led by our truly inspirational Executive Director, Stephen Choi, their passion and commitment has made the difference from moving from some good initiatives and events to some genuinely great ones.

Our sponsors and supporter network continue to build. We are so thankful for their support. Many have now supported us for several years and we could have not have launched new initiatives, run our events or grow the organization without them.

And of course, many thanks to our supporters, ambassadors and volunteer network – we simply could not do what we do without your amazing generosity and support.

Finally, I had the privilege in May this year to attend the International Living Future Symposium in Portland. So many great stories shared and lessons learnt but it was the words of local poet and artist Mosley Wotta that have stuck with me…

If you are in this room, you are needed. 

What you say matters, what you do matters, what you live matters. 

The wounds of this world are not your fault, but they are our responsibility. 

All of you reading this are in this room. We need you to keep doing the great work you do and have the courage to push further and harder than ever before.



Read the report:

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