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Melbourne’s Living Future Collaborative is comprised of people and organisations passionate about contributing to a world that is ecologically regenerative, socially just and joyous. We share knowledge and skills within the collaborative to grow capability and create collaborative connections. We choose inspiration over competition for stronger communities and healthier buildings. We connect through co-creation and shared experience and we are unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.
Stay tuned for out next event in the ‘7 Seasons, 7 Petals’ Series!



What brings us all together is our passion, drive and determination to raise the bar of environmental building through building capacity and connecting passionate individuals to problem solve and make progress towards a thriving Built Environment for all. We are always looking to connect with awesome people and other like-minded businesses that bring something new to the table.  Our events are open to all, we encourage you to subscribe to our blog, and follow us on facebook if you want to attend an event or just find out a little bit more about what we are up to.

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