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Don’t Despair: Find Your Inner Hummingbird

By August 11, 2014October 2nd, 2014News

by Dominique Hes

On a dark day of news about environmental disasters, disappearing species, people being mistreated and funding being cut to many of the programs that could have made Australia a sustainable leader … I found a way out of my despair. I started helping those in Melbourne living in cold draughty homes with no money to heat themselves while on bridging visas.

I used a bit of technology – my thermal camera – to bridge the language gap, a few donated door snakes and some foam draught stopper tape. Reducing cold air streaming into the house to a trickle, making a little girl giggle at the print of her hand on the floor… providing a little bit of warmth for them and… myself!

It reminds me of the Quechuan fable of the humming bird and a great forest fire. All the animals rushed from the forest, watching helplessly as it is consumed by the fire. All but the little hummingbird, who flew to the river, picked up a few drops of water in its beak and dropped it on the fire. It went back and forth, while the other animals laughed at it: “What do you think you are doing? The fire is too big, and your little drops of water are not enough to put it out.” The hummingbird turned to them and said: “I am doing the best I can”, and continued with its effort inspiring the fire to eventually be put out…

I am doing the best I can… and while I breathe I will hum, Dominique

Thank you Michael Smart and West Welcome Wagon