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The Oceania Biophilia Summit (OBS) is an exploration of our innate connection to nature and each other. Together we will delve into the biophilic design philosophy and collaborate to shape effective connection experiences in our built environment. The inaugural summit was held in Camp Glenorchy in New Zealand in 2019 and after a break, will return in the form of a retreat in Sydney’s Blue Mountains.


Sound is a constant; whether we know it or not, we always listen. It is becoming increasingly difficult to escape auditory stimuli that keep us alert, especially in urban environments. The antidote to all this noise isn’t silence, it’s nature. It’s the biophony of life and the geophony of natural processes that we evolved with in harmony.

The theme Soundscapes challenges us to hit pause, play nature’s soundtrack and design it back into our modern spaces.


Date: 7-9 September 2022

Location: Hotel Etico, Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains


For a truly biophilic experience, the summit will be hosted as a retreat in Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains. This immersive summit will include keynotes, workshops and biophilic experiences spread across two days.

Accommodation is available on-site at Hotel Etico and is allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Hotel Etico is also located within a 5-minute walk from Mount Victoria train station. Attendees are welcome to find accommodation nearby if they prefer.

Hotel Etico

Hotel Etico is a social enterprise hotel, also known as ‘Manor House’. It was first built in 1876 by John Fairfax in the heritage-listed town of Mount Victoria, NSW. The township is at the highest point of the Blue Mountains in Gundungarra and Darug country with a rich history shaped by the landscape.


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