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60 Seconds with Brandon Daley

By September 10, 2015Uncategorized

This second interview in our series is actually with our one and only staff member, the one and only Brandon Daley, who does such an enormous amount behind the scenes we figured you ought to get to know him as well.

1. Why did you first get involved at the LFIA?

After stumbling across the Living Building Challenge for my final year thesis, working closely with that standard for it, I found it to be something that resonated with what I want to be doing.  Being arrogant, I figure if it’s something that I think is right and good for people, then it is. To help people to know that they can make something that has better for them, their family, friends and greater community is why I’m here.

2. What are your hopes for our industry?

I want to see people more involved with the places that they live and work. Spaces should encourage (if not demand) community engagement in order to function at its best

3. Tell us three things most people don’t know about you (where at least two of them should be true!)

I love to dance, I learned to cook by watching Iron Chef (if only I could master cooking a meal in under an hour!), and I can do a backflip.

4. What’s your favourite childhood memory?

When I think back to my childhood, and what it was I did for fun, it would have to be riding my bike around the neighbourhood with my friends. It’s amazing how memorable doing nothing can be.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I would like to think that I will be involved in running a project that inspires a community ties, and encourages people to be healthy. A recipe for happy memories.

Or France, France is nice.

6. You’re happiest when?

Simply cooking dinner while listening to the jazz.

7. Do you have a favourite quote? Or a motto or personal mantra?

Although it appears I made this quote up by someone else’s fictional character, I enjoy the sentiment all the same.

People don’t wander enough – Clarisse McClellan