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60 Seconds with Caroline Pidcock

By September 24, 2015Uncategorized

Here, in the latest instalment of our ‘meet the board members’ series, is Caro. 

1. Why did you first get involved at the LFIA?

I initially heard about the Living Building Challenge when I was in Portland on my Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship in 2010, but did not get really involved until I went to the unConference (also in Portland) in 2012. I was attracted to go by the title – “Women Reshaping the World”, and was then totally hooked by the entire approach. I came back to Australia inspired to connect with and assist the locals aiming to promote this here.

2. What are your hopes for our industry?

That our industry can see the great and exciting potential of a truly sustainable future, and the importance of good design and construction in realising this.

3. Tell us three things most people don’t know about you (where at least two of them should be true!)

  1. I used to be the pavlova making queen of the family
  2. I love sewing (but have not found time for a while…)
  3. I am scared of spiders

4. What’s your favourite childhood memory?

Walking through Taronga Zoo down to the wharf to catch a ferry to school in Rose Bay. The simple joy of walking past the bush and animals each day followed by the fresh air and beauty of the harbour in the company of a mix of other kids was inspiring every day.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope that my architectural practice will be creating lots of desirable, sustainable architecture for a wide group of clients, and my prefab housing company will be successful in delivering sustainable, affordable and high quality building options to an even wider group of people. I aim to have others taking on more senior roles in both so my involvement can be at a more strategic level, enabling me to continue to be involved with Boards such as the LFIA.

6. You’re happiest when?

I am happiest when I am working with others to find creative and productive solutions to complex problems. I also love cycling over the harbour bridge at dawn to have a swim at North Sydney Pool!

7. Do you have a favourite quote? Or a motto or personal mantra?

“Another world is possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.” -Arundhati Roy