The LFIA’s training program focuses on personal and professional development that advances consciousness, connection and community for a Living Future. Through our education and events we strive to meet your needs by inspiring educators and by engaging individuals, professionals and organisations through meaningful content and diversified instruction. Whether you want to attend a lecture or a conference, take a course in-person or online, there is an entry point for every budget, schedule and location.

We are currently scheduling courses on a by-request basis. The following courses are available on the Living Building Challenge:

Introduction to the Living Building Challenge: (1 hour) A general introduction, this course presents the overall objectives of the LBC, the structure of the framework and its key principles in application, the 7 Petals, and each of the 20 Imperatives.

Understanding the Living Building Challenge: (4 part webinar) This course goes into more detail than the Introduction, detailing the history and basis for The Challenge, the 7 Petals and 20 Imperatives, case study projects, and the business case for restorative building.

Petal Workshops (Place, Energy, Water, Materials): (1 or 3 hours) These courses focus on a particular aspect of The Challenge, and can be delivered in either a 1 or 3 hour format, depending on the level of detail desired.

Biophilic Design Workshops: (4 hours) These courses focus on the principles of biophilic design, demonstrating successful examples of it’s implementation, and will help you identify opportunities to include biophilic elements.

For more detail on the course content and agendas, or to request a course, please e-mail us.