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Hummingbird Awards 2016

By October 10, 2016Uncategorized

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the LFIA, and in 2016 we were well and truly spoilt for choice for this year’s Hummingbird Award for volunteering – so much so that five were awarded. They went to:


Hummingbird Award winners 2016

Noy Hildebrand not only played an important role as event photographer in Melbourne at the wonderful Allpress Studios, but made the trip up to Sydney lend her expertise in the Living Building Challenge for competition assessment panels. We look forward to working with Noy as a key person in the Melbourne Collaborative.

Alberto Garza-Barragan proved to be a jack of all trades with holding a party in Melbourne. Event set-up, photography, tending bar, greeting guests and packing down were all part of the juggling act he performed at the Melbourne School of Design. Alberto was another person that wouldn’t leave until everything was done. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Alberto as an ESD Consultant at Cundall.

Susan Morrison has been quietly working away to bring the LFIA’s internal and external financial processes to where it needs to be in this critical period of the Organisation’s growth. Off the back of this work the efficiencies gained will allow the Organisation to continue focusing an ever greater amount of resources on operations, allowing us to keep working on what needs to be done.

Simon O’Brien managed to get to the Melbourne Launch and Awards parties before the LFIA, and be the last person to leave. A real workhorse, Simon really took it upon himself to make these special moments for LFIA sparkle. We look forward to working with Simon as he continues his excellent work as Sustainability Coordinator at our competition partner, Frasers Property Australia.

Olivia Leal-Walker for playing key roles in both the Melbourne Design Competition Launch Party and the Sydney Exhibition event at One Central Park. You may also know that Olivia was awarded ‘Future Green Leader of the Year’ and Hawkesbury Showgirl for 2016! We are looking forward to Olivia joining the Sydney Collaborative Facilitator network.

To all of our ‘Hummingbirds’ for 2016, congratulations, and thank you.