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Living Building Challenge 3.0 Launched

By June 1, 2014October 2nd, 2014News, Uncategorized

At the UnConference in Portland, the International Living Future Institute launched Living Building Challenge 3.0, which represents an important step forward in our program’s evolution. So what’s new in 3.0?

There is a much greater emphasis on the importance of resilient infrastructure—helping to ensure that in a time of uncertainty and disruption, Living Buildings are always beacons of safety and security.

The Living Building Challenge is a tool for regenerative design. It is not a net neutral program; it most decidedly is about creating a pathway and vision for a truly sustainable, regenerative living future. Nature doesn’t do zero—it is net positive in energy, food and flows.

With the integration of JUST™ and a groundbreaking Equity Exchange program, the Equity Petal is now as innovative as the rest of the Challenge.

 The neighborhood typology that was within 2.1 has moved to the new Living Community Challenge.

The Red List has been expanded and Declare, our materials ‘nutrition label’ is now directly connected to the Living Building Challenge.

Together with the new Living Community Challenge, Living Building Challenge 3.0 is now part of a larger and more holistic vision.


We’ll be posting articles on each of the complementary programs over the coming weeks, so watch this space!