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Trim Tab Article – A Beautiful Collaboration

By April 29, 2014October 2nd, 2014News, Uncategorized

The latest issue of Trim Tab is out, and one of the articles features our Sydney Collaborative’s event from last year, The Beauty Tour. Here’s an excerpt:

‘We are all artists. Since the time of the Neanderthals, we have shown a desire and a need to interpret and express our relationship to our place and the wonders within it. Those things selected as objects and experiences of wonder have been given the name ‘Beauty’.

Beauty is intrinsically understood as a dialogue; you need both an object and a beholder. Beauty asks for and offers the opportunity to engage our whole person – all of our senses, our hearts, and our memories. Beauty is an internal and individual experience: to share it is a generous choice – and a risky one. Making the effort to appreciate someone else’s idea of Beauty requires us to pause and potentially reconsider our perception of both the Object and the Beholder.

To imagine a living future, we will all have to get very good at being in this kind of head space – at being open and non-judgmental when someone shares something as personal as what they find beautiful. Developing an appreciation for the diversity of forms in which beauty can arise, and the spectrum across which it can be experienced helps us not only appreciate our environment, but also develops our appreciation for each other.

Beauty is an exercise in patience, respect, slowing down, and taking time to appreciate the richness of experience that is all around us every day. Last year, a small group of us in The Living Building Challenge Sydney Collaborative decided to hold an event that could remind us that we are all artists, and to facilitate an act of collaborative Beauty.’

To read the full article, click here.