The Symposium is over for 2019 but you can continue learning and connecting with these useful actions and links!

Speaker Details & Resources
Roles of Activism
Plant that seed!

Speaker Details & Resources

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Bill Moyer's Four Roles of Activism

We suggested taking on one of four personas during the Symposium, to help you get into the activist mindset, and to listen and learn with intent. These were based on Bill Moyer's roles from his model for social movement. 

Which one will you embody in your work?

The Citizen
• Make new personal connections
• Speak up with empathy
• Get in touch with your core values & keep them close

Represented by: Little Penguin
The Reformer
• Listen deeply
• Advocate for others
• Help bring multiple perspectives into a discussion

Represented by: Eastern-Barred Bandicoot
The Change Agent
• Deepen social connections
• Facilitate challenging discussions & allow others to be heard
• Actively share your learnings

The Rebel
• Express your energy & passion
• Speak up with questions & insights, even controversial ones
• Keep asking why??

Represented by the Mantis Shrimp

Planting your intention

In the Closing Circle, we asked participants to write an intention on the back of their nametag. From everything you learnt and heard during the Symposium, what is one action you intend to take in the year ahead to create a Living Future in your world?

Plant it in a garden (pot or a patch of dirt you have access to!) to allow your intention and the seeds imbedded within, to take root.

The name tags are full of Lemon-Scented Bottlebrush seeds, native to Australia's east coast.